Daily Scribblings, Doodles & Sketches

June 2013

So I decided to take a random week off from work. Of course I’ve not been ill in near 2 years so naturally the evening I finish work I fall ill with an unpleasant sneezing, sore throated, energy drained and constant runny nosed little bug!

However…I have done my best to not let it bring me down.

After, finally, taking the trip to see the Turner Collections in London’s Tate Britain, which are just glorious….words fail….just go, if you get the chance go, if you get the chance to see anything by Turner do it, his works are so packed with life and movement and bravery… http://pinterest.com/staceykath/turner/

Anyway, so after my trip I made the move into our basement for the sake of better ventilation and not filling the entire house with the fumes of spirits and oils….again.

So here’s what I have been up to…




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