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Science of a Cloud

Past few months I have been so wrapped up in my emotions of fear it has blindsided me from using my intelligence.
Painting used to be an incredibly natural skill to me, yet now I’ve become so expectant of myself to start churning out masterpieces I dare not even try for fear I shan’t succeed.
The end if 2013 saw me with, yet again, a handful of unfinished painting and several stalled projects still in their very early stages. ‘Science of a Cloud’ being one of them.


I thought I was reasonably happy with these experiments however they just haven’t produced quite the fluidity/softness/airiness of a cloud. Which considering I used pigments and linseed, quite frankly, makes sense. On top of that on the underside the, what I believed to be non-yellowing, linseed oil has shriveled and yellowed.

My aim is to really recreate and sort of truly capture a cloud on glass. There needs to be a delicateness to the medium used. I beeline for oils because I am yet to master them. Perhaps here I should really be considering ‘What is a cloud?’

If I was to simply use water and fine powdered white chalk would I be able to create depth and tone?


Above was to be a skyscape a few years ago. It is simply a solid blue painted canvas however it has been kicking around my studio and gotten covered in soft pastel dust. Can’t help but feel it has created its own skyscape and that it hints depth and tone are possible effortlessly without painstakingly mixing black and white and whatever other shades under the rainbow together.

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