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Science of a Cloud…Lighting

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The lighting of these works (once they finally become physical) could be will be crucial.

-> https://staceykath.com/2014/01/06/science-of-a-cloud-thinkingoutloud-art/

Ideally I intend for the glass to sit an inch or more away from the wall so as to be able to angle the shadow of the painting completely away from the blue wall. I’ll cross the bridge of “how?” later…could be a tricky one.

For now I am feeling pretty happy with my technique of creating my clouds on glass using watercolour.

The original idea for the glass shelves is to paint a different type of cloud on each and include a word and it’s definition that can relate to the altitude that cloud forms at. The idea of including a word and it’s definition came about while I was looking up the definition of ‘Cloud’ as you do. It tickled me the chain of words I created and spoke volumes in my opinion -> https://staceykath.com/2013/08/24/words-are-funny-things/


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